Kalarch Design Group, Inc.

Architecture is a public art and we believe that the quality of
our built environment directly influences the quality of our lives.

Our office is committed to excellence in design. Our philosophy
is founded on the complexity of the design process. Create a
total environment satisfying the various aspects of social,
economic and aesthetic considerations. We believe that only
thought close collaboration with our clients can each project’s
need be fully understood and creatively interpreted.

We do not perceive design as a superficial exercise,
dealing principally with form. We practice design as a fundamental
synthesis of each project’s multitude of factors and requirements.
We realize that this synthesis is not static but dynamic,
as each project’s factors change over time, even after its completion.

Being both architects and landscape architects, we take a
holistic approach when designing a project, regardless its scale.
Because we develop a clear concept based on the particular
attributes of a site, we are able to combine elements which are
usually elaborated separately .

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